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Earn Life Coach & NLP Certification

What makes this NLP  and Life Coaching Certification Program Unique?

NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming, has grown from its therapeutic roots to encompass problem solving in business, personal development, psychotherapy and interpersonal communications. For the life coach, earning NLP certification adds effective therapeutic tools to the life coaching skill set and enhances credibility.

This practical and professional NLP certification home study course will help prepare you effectively use skills associated with conversational hypnosis, personal empowerment and resolving real world problems in people and groups. Unlike most NLP courses available online, NLP training from Dr.Richard Nongard was created by a licensed mental health professional, certified clinical hypnotist and advanced NLP practitioner. Dr. Richard Nongard’s NLP certification course offers unique benefits including:

  • Both NLP and Life Coach Certification in one convenient course
  • Homestudy Multi-Media format
  • Self-paced NLP home-study courses to fit your schedule
  • Demonstration of specific NLP patterns
  • Uses professional NLP textbooks, not home-made course notes
  • Created for practical application of NLP and life coaching material
  • Contains training in developing a professional NLP or life coaching private practice

NLP and Life Coaching training from Richard Nongard is a delivered in a unique home-study multimedia format for greatest convenience. Dedicated NLP students can become NLP and life coach certified in both life coaching and NLP. Approved continuing education credits are available for licensed mental health professionals including therapists and counselors.

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