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Join us for the double ICBCH certification and become a Certified Professional NLP practitioner and a Certified Professional Life-Coach.

Do you wish you had specialized training in NLP? Learn directly from a recognized expert so you can rise to the expert level.

Reach peak personal performance; and then share the techniques, methods, and NLP skills so others can replicate your success in the context of coaching, therapy, business, and as a leader in your field.

$2450   Class size is limited to 24 Participants. 

ICBCH Professional NLP Certification
and Professional Life-Coach Certification

I was 18 years old when I was first introduced to a powerful NLP technique that changed my life. Since that time, I have been passionate about teaching others the powerful good of NLP.
I want to teach you these strategies. They have revolutionized my family, my community my influence, and my business. They have given me strategies to create rapid results in my counseling and hypnotherapy. 
This course is about being a leader in NLP and applying the content first to our own lives, and then to others. I will share with you my 37 years of NLP knowledge and help you get straight to the core of mastering these powerful strategies.

This course pays for itself! New ideas for NLP strategies can help you find new clients.

 Our last class was 100% sold out. Class size is always limited to make sure I can give everyone personalized attention and answer all questions!

New Content NLP! Take this course even if have taken others! This course reveals New Strategies...

You will learn essential the foundations of NLP plus new advance techniques you can apply in coaching, therapy, business, and as a leader.

Why do most NLP courses only teach the same patterns and ideas without looking to new exemplars, and outlining new approaches? 

This course models excellence and creates replicable patterns of success from new sources, evidenced-based approaches, and even shows you how you can do your own modeling and create your own insights and solutions.

This course is up to date. It starts with the original ideas of NLP and moves forward into new understandings of the present era.

Establish Yourself as an Authority. Generate professional credibility.
This can result in higher professional fees, speaking requests, and new clients.

This is a Personal Growth Experience. You will
be with other successful people,
 Who are
also Helping Others.

Our Zoom rooms are productive, energetic, and always on point. No wasted sessions. Dr. Nongard has been teaching online as a pioneer in distance learning for over 20 years,  and his teaching strategies will make the material come alive. Almost every class offered is 100% full. People like attending his online classes. You will too.


Dr. Richard Nongard has practiced NLP for 37 years, with over 30 years as a hypnosis professional and as a licensed mental health professional.


Dr. Richard Nongard has been the number one bestseller in multiple niches related to NLP, leadership, hypnotherapy, counseling, and  self-improvement.


Thousands of people have taken online ICBCH training programs. We have been a worldwide leader in online NLP and hypnotherapy education.

What You Will Learn at The Start of The New Year in this NLP Class:

Make 2022 The Best Year Ever!

NLP Foundations and Patterns. you will learn, and practice in our small groups all the classic NLP patterns and strategies so you can master effective NLP.

Advanced Integration strategies will show you how to use NLP in conversations, business, therapy, and community.

NLP Processes and Methods  Each process taught in this course is demonstrated and outlined in an easy to use and printable format so you can actually use these ideas.

Applications to Self-Improvement, will help you to make NLP a part of your own personal succes.

This is a complete step-by-step program that will meet online weekly for 9-weeks. You will get weekly video tutorials guiding you into NLP step-by-step. Review these tutorials prior to the weekly zoom. We will practice in our weekly zoom meetings, and I will demonstrate applications and ways to adapt the strategies to a variety of situations. The result? You will quickly rise to an expert level.

Even if you have previously studied NLP, you can tap into my expertise and the power of the group. If you took previous training that did not include modern approaches and new patterns, you will want to take this class.

Join the success of other graduates, Get instant access to the NLP Pattern Library, and the power of the group!

Still trying to decide? Watch this video and learn more:

This Course Begins Soom, Don't be left behind!

Our last class was 100% sold out. Make sure you get your place.

How To Protect Your Reputation As An NLP Practitioner – That Get’s Results

How to become a successful NLP practitioner your clients and friends brag about

Dear friend,

If you’re struggling to become an NLP superstar in your own right – the type that get’s praise and accolades for your results – this will be the most important thing you ever read.

Here’s why:

It’s not your fault you can’t seem to get consistent results with NLP.

Nope.  And it’s not your clients fault either.

You know where the fault lies?  It lies with shady NLP “gurus.”

 NLP isn't about creating power, it is about modeling excellence.

Tell me if this rings true – have you ever had a sinking feeling after you’ve bought a product...or attended a training...that something just doesn’t sit right or that something was left out?

Well, you’re not alone.  This is an all too common problem in the industry.

Day after day, some new NLP “guru” shows up on the scene.  The NLP scene creates a buzz.  Part of you remains skeptical.  But another part of you wants to believe this guru will have the shortcuts you need.

And once again – you’re stuck with useless techniques (not too mention unreliable  student services).

The main problem?  These fly by night gurus have no real-world experience.  Their experience?  They took a training or two.  And maybe, just maybe...they’ve had a handful of clients.

You see, the main problem is they have no real-world therapy experience.

Experience you can only get from hands on in the trenches...or directly from a mentor.

So naturally they expect every client (and every issue) to fit neatly in the NLP model.

The same NLP model that by large – hasn’t been updated in quite some time.  Sorry to burst your bubble – but NLP has become outdated.

You see, NLP was developed by Bandler and Grinder modeling the genius of the 1970s (and 1980s).  What large scale innovations have happened since then?

Yep – you guessed it.  A little has improved since then.

That’s the bad news.  You’re about to dig into the good news.

But before we go any further, allow me to introduce myself (for those of you who don’t know who I am).

My name is Dr. Richard Nongard.  I’m a licensed Marriage and Family therapist that specializes in training Hypnotists and NLP practitioners. 

I love therapy and training therapists, but I was fed up with the lack of standards and ethics in the majority of trainings...not to mention trainings that don’t focus on self-care for practitioners – so they can walk the walk.

So I created this online learning experience that teaches NLP from an actual therapists perspective who has been in the trenches.  (Nongard is also a business leader, with book endorsements from the CEO of Hilton Worldwide.  He co-wrote a business leadership book with the former CEO of General Electric Capital (ITS).  And he applies NLP in business and community as much as hypnosis and therapy.) You also learn to apply these techniques to your own life - which means your clients will trust you because they see it working in action.

This is a ground-breaking approach to teaching NLP.  NLP that uses the latest and greatest in evidence based scientific findings.  We’re talking scientific proof to help cement long term changes in yourself – and your clients.

Imagine being able to know in advance – how to help your client.  A client that will brag to all of their friends and family about you.

Soon enough, wind catches in the NLP community.  Before you know it, you’re jet setting across the globe to conferences.

So how does this training work?

Luckily for you – we’ve made this our easiest training to master.

You’re getting access to weekly video tutorials – spread over a course of 9 weeks.  So no more getting bombarded with every single technique in a week training.

Imagine having plenty of time to fully master a technique...by using it first to improve your life...and then the life of your clients.

No matter your skill level – or lack of skill level – we’ve got you covered.

What separates this NLP training from the rest?

For starters, it’s the only online NLP training developed by a licensed therapist and business leader with a 30 year career in the trenches.

Next up, is this training is hands on.  Hands on to the effect you will be applying these techniques in your life.  As you notice these positive changes taking shape...you’ll become even more empowered and motivated to help others.

And your clients will sense this on a deep unconscious level.  Just like you can sense desperation in a sales person – clients can smell desperation in you as a  therapist.

A desperate therapist seeking validation will turn off any client.

You’re going to be seen as a confident expert that can help them.

What separates this NLP training from the rest?

Time to lay it all out on the table.  First up, I’ve been in the trenches so to speak.  Worked with all sorts of clients.

You’ve got your garden variety “problems” such as anxiety, smoking and weight loss.  Then you’ve got serious things such as depression, trauma, and on.

Hell, I’ve even worked with clients most hypnotists wouldn’t give the time of day.

This all boils down to a lack of evidence-based approaches and techniques.

    So what will you get when you join the next live training (starting February 6, 2021)?

    This program is 100% online.  You’re able to join us from a safe distance and in your own home – away from the zombie apocalypse. 

    Guess what else this means?  You’re saving thoughts of dollars on flights and hotels.

    Which boils down to saving more money for emergencies...and to keep your family safe during these difficult times.  Which is another reason to learn this update NLP model – imagine giving yourself and your loved ones peace during these times).

    We’re meeting up on Zoom.  Which is accessible on every computer, tablet and phone.  Got a loud house with kids?  Lock yourself in a room for a few minutes to take a break...and master life changing skills.  Instant peace and quiet.

    Picture this – your very own high quality ICBCH certificate hung up on your wall.  Clients will be convinced in your skills, which translates to better results.  And better results mean an increase in your rates.

    Your hypnosis friends are green with envy – knowing you’re at the top of your game.

    Along with the weekly videos and Zoom trainings – you’ve got instant access to the NLP Foundations Library.  This library is what every great NLP course needs to have.

    Hell, if you only got this NLP Foundations Library as part of this program – you’d still be light years ahead of your competition.

    But that’s not all – imagine discovering how to use modern scientific breakthroughs (proven by fill in the blanks) to super-power your results.

    The result?  You’re having clients beating a path to your door.  All willing to pay your ever increasing rates.

    You might have local hypnotists and NLP practitioners jealous...because you’re taking the lion share of client work.  But that falls on them.  You do good work and deserve all the success you get.

    If you’re charging $250 now – imagine being able to double that.  Almost overnight.

    World-wide access.  What if you live in an area that’s either not friendly to NLP trainings...or there simply isn’t any good training?  Come join your fellow NLP nerds and geek out on the latest ground-breaking techniques.

    Imagine mastering the most coveted (and misunderstood) skill of NLP modeling.

    What would life be like – if you could observe and interview any expert...and walk away knowing that skill on a deep unconscious level?  We’re talking from the inside out.

    How much better is your life now that you can master any skill you want?

    But that’s not even the end of it.  Not by a long shot.

    Picture this – you’ve set yourself up as an authority.  An authority on personal change and success.

    More importantly, you’re first applying these techniques to your own issues.  Imagine your issues clearing up – as if by magic.  This will convince you even more in the power of these updated NLP techniques...and in your ability to produce real-world change for yourself and your clients.

    As word of this travels, you’re building up a reputation in your home town.  As well as among your peers in the NLP community.

    At the end of the day, you’re among the giants in our field.

    You’re no longer on the sidelines...wondering “when is it my turn to prove that I’m good at this stuff?” - wishing and hoping for a miracle to fall out of the sky into your lap.

    On top of this, your relationships are improving.  You’re noticing word traveling of your success – and maybe hearing some NLP practitioners voicing dripping with envy as they speak your name.

    Soon enough, their begging you for your secrets.

    Your rates are doubling (maybe tripling).  Speaking gigs are showing up at your front door.  And people in the NLP community are now a little more jealous of your closely guarded secrets.

    It’s like when you wake up one day...and you’re that much smarter.  You’re life is that much more vibrant and richer.  Your friends are lining up to pry your secrets from your hands.

    So how much does this cost?

    First off, don’t think of it as a cost.  Think of it as an investment – that’s going to pay off for years to come.

    We’ll get to price in just a second.  But first, let’s look at how much it would normally cost to take this training.

    If we weren’t in a pandemic – and you flew to Las Vegas to train with me directly – you’re looking to shell out big bucks.

    Let’s say a round-trip flight costs $1,000.  A hotel room for two weeks - $1,000 at the low end.

    Next add up food, car rental, etc.

    And with the normal rate of $2890 for this course – you’re looking to clear $5,000 – easily.

    That’s just not doable with the current state of affairs.  So instead of flushing $5,000 down the toilet – or even $3,000 – or even $2,000

    But you have to act fast.  This deal is only good for the next 10 people.  After those 10 spots are snatched up the price jumps back up to regular rates for the course.

    Not to mention you’ll lose out on the fast action bonuses, such as:

    •  Early access to our monthly webinar series
    •  Access to the NLP Foundations Library

    To get in on the action – and take place in an NLP evolution (leaving your colleagues in the dust with old outdated NLP theories and patterns) click the big button below that says register now.

    Right now you have one of three choices to make.  It’s all up to you.  No one can make this choice for you.

    Choice 1 – You can choose to leave this page.  You’ll be free to continue on with life as is.  Who knows, perhaps you will carve a path as a great NLP practitioner.

    Choice 2 – You can search the internet high and low for some of the stuff you’ve read about today.  Things such as evidence based approaches to NLP, etc.

    You can take weeks, months...or even years to piece all of this information together. 

    You can also get in the trenches of a 30 year therapy practice like I did.

    Or better yet

    Make your life easier – and allow me to hand you a treasure map.

    You’re getting a full hands on approach to mastering NLP for your life – and your clients.  A treasure map to a rewarding life as a well paid NLP practitioner.

    Imagine how much better your life will be after mastering NLP.

    You’re waking up every morning, excited and confident.  You’re confident in your new and improved life.  And confident in your NLP skills.

    In fact, your phone is jumping off the hook.  So much so, that you hire someone to answer your phone lines.

    If you’re ready to experience this new life, that is just around the corner – click the button below that says Register Now

    Warning:  Time and time again, NLP practitioners try to go it alone.  More than not, they end up destroying their reputation...either from sloppy work or a lack of knowing what works and what doesn’t in the real world.

    Once your reputation is tarnish – forget trying to recover it.  You might as well pack your bags and move onto a new career.

    You’ll be digging a hole...while competitors scramble to toss dirt on top of you.

    So let’s change your path, and cement your name among the NLP legends.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Call (702) 418-3332 with Other Questions!

    Can I call you and ask questions?

    The phone number is (702) 418-3332 and you can call me anytime. I am happy to answer short questions via phone or FB messenger. I try to give individualized attention to every student and I welcome your calls. If you need one-on-one coaching to help you with taking NLP to the next level, that is also offered.

    Are there additional costs?

    All videos, scripts, tutorials and many other content items are supplied in this course. Everything is downloadable for offline viewing and so that you actually own the material. We will recommend other learning texts by other authors and these are not included in the course tuition (estimated costs of $50-$75.)

    © Copyright 2020, Dr. Richard Nongard.  All Rights Reserved.

    Withdrawal and Refund Policy

    Refunds will be issued if you withdraw from this class by notifying us via email 30 or more days in advance of the first scheduled Zoom meeting. Refunds after this date will only be issued in the form of a credit for a future event and must be made within 14 days of the class start date. If you elect to take a future class, the tuition you paid will be applied to whatever the cost of the next class is, and you will be expected to pay any difference. After 14 days there are no refunds or credits offered, and a refund will not be made. You must notify us via email at richard@hypnosisnevada.com or by telephone to withdraw from this class or change your participation to a future class.

    In any case of refund for any reason, you will pay a $100 administrative cancellation fee. We pay credit card processing fees even when we make refunds, we pay staff for setting up your accounts, we promote classes based on registrations for early-bird, etc. and we limit class attendance which means last minute cancellations mean we may not fill the seat we held for you. This $100  administrative  cancellation fee will apply in any situation.

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